How to access medical advice 24/7

This online service enables patients to access clinically approved medical advice around the clock. It can be accessed from any laptop, tablet device or mobile phone 24/7. It directs patients to the most appropriate place for the care they need, including services available at a pharmacy, dentist, from a practice nurse, at a GP appointment or by going to A&E.

How it works

DoctorLink uses a Symptoms Assessment Tool that takes patients through a series of clinical questions based on their concerns and illness in order to find out what might be wrong. When patients use the system for the first time, they will be asked about pre-existing conditions and any medication they may be taking in order to build a patient profile.

Patients can use this service to

  • Check symptoms
  • Gain reassurance and advice on what to do next
  • Where clinically appropriate book an appointment with the practice
  • Order repeat prescriptions
  • Complete admin tasks such as Fit Notes

What happens next

Once the patient has answered all the questions online, DoctorLink will determine what the patient needs to do next, and give recommendations on where they need to go, who to see and in what timeframe. This can include self-care, a visit to a pharmacy, a GP appointment or going to A&E or ringing 999.

The practice will receive a copy of the symptom assessment highlighting the action required. If this includes a consultation at the surgery, the practice will contact you with an appropriate appointment and pass the information provided online to the relevant clinical team member prior to your appointment.

Registration is simple and can be accessed (link here) or by going to (web address)